Wednesday, April 25, 2012

THIS Is Why I Teach!

With interviews and demonstration lessons on the calendar this month, I figured I would take the opportunity to start blogging again. I figured what better to post than why it is I love to teach - I hope you all enjoy!

From the very first moment I stepped through the door of my preschool classroom, I knew I would love school. Little did I know that my passion for education would extend beyond my time as a student. From a very young age I wanted to be a teacher, but like most kids changed my mind as I got older. I wanted to be a successful business woman, breaking through glass ceilings in the corporate world. But after five years of working in Corporate America, I quickly realized that I wanted more out of life. I was tired of giving 110% of my blood, sweat, and tears just to line the pockets of wealthy stock holders. I wanted a meaningful career - one that would leave me feeling fulfilled at the end of every day. I finally decided to follow the advice of Henry David Thoreau and went back to school to pursue my dreams of becoming an English teacher. I find Thoreau's words so inspiring that I have them displayed in the classroom from the very first day of the school year, "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." Thoreau has inspired me, and I hope to inspire my students to not only follow their dreams, but to embrace the passion I have for literature and education!

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